Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Howlloween Party

HoneyBelle and Ruby participated in the 1 mile walk for Paws. Proceeds went to the Montgomery County rescue shelters. Due to the rains right before the event, I opted out of costumes for the girls. Good thing because HoneyBelle had mud rivulets running off her legs and belly. Ruby is actually getting better about moisture touching her. Hard thing to avoid with a basset buddy. Ruby will have an area of hair that has dried standing up, and I will try to smooth it back into place. Almost impossible because it was made with basset mouse. I wonder if the French really used the hounds for saliva coiffures.

Anyway. HoneyBelle did really well for this being her first big event out in public (our record heat this year kept us indoors). She had oodles of precious little girls giving her hugs and squishy pets. And big girls had to fondle her gorgeous coat and compliment her on her mahogany coloring. And conformation. And feet. She went flat basset only a few times. I had to cup her face in my hands and tell her we were on the way home and she had to be a big girl and walk out of there. She obliged me.

The activity was led by a man and a proudly trained Lab named Prophet. The man kept chunking Prophet's retrieve bumpers by HoneyBelle, then ordering Prophet to retrieve only on command. I am proud to say HoneyBelle could give-a-shit-less about touching Prophet's toy. The border collies were going nuts. I love this photo here. The blur in the far left corner is Prophet's butt as he bolts to grab his toy. The basset in the background is studying a scent trail (of dribbled candy probably). It was a good time.

HoneyBelle helping a fellow dog get her antennae back on.

A sweet butterfly resting.

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  1. Oh what a great event! Love all the pics!