Thursday, August 4, 2011

FREE Dental Exam

Let me explain. We just worked the Reliant Energy Dog Show "Meet the Breed." I hauled almost 200 pounds of hound to this event @ 6:00 a.m. We filled the ring with people standing 3 and 4 deep to get a photo op, free squeeze, free kisses and pepper me with questions. I was so busy I never had an opportunity to get new pictures this year.

A child that stood out was a rowdy 4 year old, wild against his parents’ pleas for calming down. He thrust himself in front of my bloodhound, mouth wide open. As if in slow-motion, Juno never blinked or moved, but her long pink tongue shot into his mouth and did a clean swipe across his baby teeth. No need for dental cleaning for a while. This boy recoiled with the look of total violation. His parents folded into choking laughter, explaining had he approached her calmly, his meet-&-greet would have been a little less personal.

Bloodhounds are French, you know...

Monday, July 11, 2011

We Moved to The Country

I apologize for the great delay in posting to our fellow hound lovers. My plate has been so full it has filled up, spilled over and is now pooling around me. Last fall I decided I had had enough of the taxes and city living so I sold to a motivated buyer and moved out into the country on several acres. I wanted to go back growing my own food and seeing my hounds run and bay to their hearts content. I did this before when I was 18 years old-bought land way out in the sticks and raised my kids out there. Now I am nearing 50 and I don't move as fast as I used to. Plus, having hot flashes in already 100+ degree heat is enough to make me pass out. Since I am (still) single and work in the city, I am tired and not keeping up with some things like I want. Like HoneyBelle's Blog. She still is having great stories to share and I will work on getting them posted. I hope to see y'all around again.

HoneyBelle: Mama has lost her mind and moved us into the middle of H-E-L-L.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Yes, fellow hound readers, I fell out due to an emergency surgery. You would think my injury might have been attributed to falling over a hound and impaling myself on something, but I can't blame this on the dogs. I will be back up and running-or-walking here shortly.

Drool to all.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Four A.M.

Is when Juno's deep, and heartfelt bay broke my REM sleep. I am quite sure I levitated straight up. WHAT IN GOD'S HOLY NAME?!! Because by then HoneyBelle and Ruby chimed in-the terrier screaming and both hounds bellering (we say beller in Texas). I am sure the neighbors are going to call the police. I run out with the mag light and this is what I find.

The mama opossum. If you read HoneyBelle's blog you would know she has already killed four of her babies. So I ran the dogs into the house to let the savage beast get away. And I rescind the music to my ears in the earlier post. It should have a disclaimer "only when I am awake."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Sister

We adopted a 1.5 year old Bloodhound last weekend. I am guessing she is the same age as HoneyBelle from the still growing teeth. I named her Juno which means "goddess" and "protector of women." Juno has had a rough start, a litter of pups before she herself is full grown, being tossed from a vehicle and abandoned, left to starve until a good woman takes her off the street and straight to the vet. She gets Juno well enough to find her a home. Which is ours. That is HoneyBelle's red, round butt to the left of the photo. She still has her devil costume on. This was Juno's first event so we did not overwhelm her too much by trussing her up in a costume. We took her to PetFest which is an event that supports our dog rescues. Juno received so many kisses, I hope she enjoyed herself. She is loved and has a home now. She and HoneyBelle have became fast friends. They both bay in unison when the train goes past, it is music to my ears.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Screen Door Compromised

This was the last thing I saw shoot out the front screen door. Now any other time she is shuffling, fumbling or otherwise staggering INTO the house. Now all of a sudden she because fleet of foot and decides to fly. I had to fling my sausage gravy off the oven burner and run like hell after her. Luckily I was dressed. I caught up with her in the neighbors front yard one block away and throw myself across the top of her like a quarterback getting his ass smashed in an NFL game. I wish I had time to illustrate the rest of this show. At this point she goes flat and looses all function of being able to walk. At 70 pounds I can no longer pick her big ass up. I stand her up like a giant sausage and wrap my arms under her arm pits and try to get her to walk on her back legs. Before it was all done it was me picking up a tree branch that motivated her into walking again. Big naughty girl. That is how we started our day.

Maybe I should add I only used the tree branch like a shepherds hook to guide her back with, she was not beaten with it...

HoneyBelle: Oh Nooo! She really beats me!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sally Sleeping Beauty Contest

We missed it. Yes, I was wasting my time working at my paying job that keeps our lights on and dog food flowing. So HoneyBelle voted for Fred the Bloodhound in Austin, TX.

I wanted to share her Dali muse pose. Martha and Bailey affectionately called her "rubenesque." Hope I spelled that right. We are rooting for you Fred! Go Go Go!