Thursday, April 22, 2010

HoneyBelle Hit List

Add a baby opossum to her growing kill list. I had no idea-I literally almost stepped on it. I noticed her guarding an area in the yard and I walked over to investigate. Was not prepared for the latest "find." Probably a good thing she chewed the camera charger, these posts are getting morbid. I cannot wait to get her started in a tracking program, I think she will kick ass.

HoneyBelle - I like my outdoor stuffees!

Monday, April 19, 2010

HoneyBelles Pet Corgi

I like my KORGEE. He went away, then came back and mama would not let him play. Said he had SURJEREE. But yesterday he came out to play and did we have fun! I showed him how to dig oranges out of the compost and play a game I made up called ORANGE TAG. I am good because I can hold a whole orange in my mouth and no one knows I have it. Except mama, she says my flabber jabbers can't cover everything (brought up her cell phone again). I need to find another baby bird. Yes Martha and Bailey-they are just like STUFFEES! They have a squeeker in them. I hope you find a baby bird, I really liked mine and would not share-oh no!

Mama-HoneyBelles pet corgi has recovered from his neutering, will be groomed and pay a visit to his Marines this week. We are excited. Sorry about no photos, SOMEONE chewed the camera charger...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Cycle of Life

is much shorter if you happen to be a baby bird on the ground with three dogs. I will spare the gore, but let you know it was our pretty HoneyBelle that had a paw in baby blue jay's demise. The parent was squawking above our heads and by gosh she wasn't going to spit it out, drop it, leave it. The closer I got to trying to open her jaws the tighter she'd clamp, joyfully hopping and showing it off to Ruby. Ruby would get too close and a deep "eeeeeerrrrrrmmmpphhhhh" would growl from her chest. My damn bird, go get your own. She is all hound.

Jan Loves Molly

I am a fiber artist-when not having to work full time elsewhere. My friend Jan had this photo of her pit mix, Molly, as her screen saver. Every time I came by her desk I was fascinated with the portrait-contrast, color, her joy,etc. Plus I had this crazy muddy print fabric that would work as her brindle coat. I had Jan email me the photo and I crafted this likeness of Molly on fabric. I have so many ideas on how to do HoneyBelle, if I ever found honey colored velvet or velveteen I would buy it to make her with it. I need to get my son's quilt going. I am behind, as always it seems.

Monday, April 12, 2010

"THE" Waddle of all Waddles.

Oh My Goodness! Doesn't this look just like our gorgeous HoneyBelle? Or even Tina's Honey Dew! And squishy looking too. Some day we may be able to attend The Waddle, but we are on the opposite end of the United States for it. I cannot imagine more fun, bassets everywhere.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Brother

HoneyBelle here. Mama brought home something called a KOR-GEE from RESKU. He looks like a little collie with no legs. I like him. He lets me stand on him, smush him, chase him, pinch him. I like him. I showed him my fancy jump-whip-snap-bunny hop. Mama laughed and and snorted her tea out her nose. She is gross sometimes. Mama won't let Ruby play with him yet, says she will fang him. So he is all mine. Until tomorrow. He gets NEW-TURD.