Thursday, August 4, 2011

FREE Dental Exam

Let me explain. We just worked the Reliant Energy Dog Show "Meet the Breed." I hauled almost 200 pounds of hound to this event @ 6:00 a.m. We filled the ring with people standing 3 and 4 deep to get a photo op, free squeeze, free kisses and pepper me with questions. I was so busy I never had an opportunity to get new pictures this year.

A child that stood out was a rowdy 4 year old, wild against his parents’ pleas for calming down. He thrust himself in front of my bloodhound, mouth wide open. As if in slow-motion, Juno never blinked or moved, but her long pink tongue shot into his mouth and did a clean swipe across his baby teeth. No need for dental cleaning for a while. This boy recoiled with the look of total violation. His parents folded into choking laughter, explaining had he approached her calmly, his meet-&-greet would have been a little less personal.

Bloodhounds are French, you know...