Monday, September 27, 2010

Reliant Energy Dog Show part II

Okay, press agent fell out for a while. Here are a few photos of the very long weekend. HoneyBelle did a combo of representing both Basset Buddie Rescues and Greater Houston Basset Club. It kind of went like this:

HoneyBelle: Something is up, I am trussed up like a holiday ham with a cupcake confection wrapped around my neck.

Mother/press agent: You have the size and coloring of a large ham.

HoneyBelle: You will pay for this infraction...

HoneyBelle: I am positive I did not sign up for this. Is this hay on my tongue?

Mother/press agent: Well you are the size of a cow. Hurry up, we have to get over to Meet the Breed so you can show everyone what a gorgeous example of bassetitude you are. Here, change your outfit again.

HoneyBelle: Can we take her home?

Mother/press agent: No way in hell.

Mother/press agent: Look HoneyBelle-it is Tiny The Show Basset! And why won't you get on the floor with the other dogs?

HoneyBelle: You can't be serious. I am NOT a dog. Or is it DAWG today. hehe.

HoneyBelle: I cannot feel my legs anymore. And where is my couch. Whose idea was it to install large chunks of shredded grass to get comfortable on?

Mother/press agent: You have legs? Sorry, I could not resist. I will take it up with the committee
on your behalf. Next year I will be sure to have your loveseat dollied in.

Mother/press agent: aawwwww. My baby is plumb wore out. It has been a full day of petting. Lets get you on your loveseat. She did so well in such a large event with people/kids everywhere.

Nite Nite HoneyBelle. We love you!

HoneyBelle: I know where she put 3 new skeins of yarn for her project...


I came around the corner and saw her watching me like this. I just LOVE her big moon pie feet. The pooling jowl is a nice look for her also. I took her photo and then gave her a big smooch.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The September Issue

Yes, our big tub of love made The September Issue of The Bark. I actually submitted this photo one year ago so they have a lot of catching up to do. And I could not resist punning off of Vogue magazine, and the hysterics they go through for the issue this month.

Sorry about the posts slowing again. I get nerve block pain shots this Tuesday so I hope to get some part of my energy back when they take effect. HoneyBelle still savages my yarn basket, pulls fabric down in my art studio, demands to be kissed, takes up my entire couch for her beauty rest, and sasses me with abandon. I love her.