Monday, May 24, 2010

The Guest House, Play House, Cabana...

These are a few of the monikers my camper is being called. My neighbors across the street use less than friendly terms. So I moved it from the driveway to the back yard and leveled it on blocks and have started landscaping around it. It is a cool vintage silver 1970 slide in camper made by the Avion family (that needs the interior restored). I locked the dogs up in the kennel while I was trying (not) to kill myself getting it off the truck and leveled. As soon as I finished I turned the dogs out. HoneyBelle being the "Oh is it for ME?" personality ran to it immediately. I had the door opened for her and she climbs in and gives it a 10 point inspection. She checks out closets and climbs up on the table/seats. She approves.

I wonder if I can find a pair of mama's eye glasses in here...

Maybe she has some eye glasses up here...

Whew, that wore me out. I better take a nap.

Lukie the corgi says "Hey-let's GO GO GO!"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Crumbs In Bed

I heard a lite "clunk clunk" and saw her walking from the kitchen to the loveseat/dogbed with her snack bowl. She climbs up and eats her snack while laying in bed. She is so funny-I ask her if she enjoyed her snack and took her picture.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bassett Intelligence

This is a comment that frequently pops up on The Drool. Some trainer in The Dog World makes a comment about bassets being dumb. Well. HoneyBelle isn't, that is for sure. This morning as I was leaving for work I get a phone call from the woman that owns the fitness gym behind me. HoneyBelle is in the air conditioned gym with the morning workout group. God only knows where the other two knot heads are. I run inside, grab three leads and run out the back gate. I can hear the cacaphony a block over and discover KORGEE and Ruby running a neighbors fence line-taunting the still secured pets. I snatch those two and head over towards the gym where HoneyBelle is relaxing in air conditioning. I thank the owner, put renegade 3 on a lead and we walk back to the house. By this time I have completely sweat through my work clothes and ran a blister on the right foot from running in sandals. Sure enough-I found the compromised hole and fix it. Thank God it is Friday.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pillow Top Mattress

My house is full of antiques (or old crap depending how you look at it). My bedframe is a golden oak job from the 30's. I made extensions on the frame so it would accommodate my full size box springs and mattress. Well, when you stack it all up, the mattress comes up to my hip and that is way to tall for dogs to get off or on. So I hang my leg or arm off the bed to do head and ear scratches. Last night I picked HoneyBelle up (which I try not do any more) and put her on the bed. Ohhh did she like the pillow top. I thought she would freak out from the height so I was prepared to grab her if she tried to launch. Well, no danger there, I could not get her off. She was literally slapping my grasps away with all four feet. And her 60 pounds increased to 80 pounds. There has got to be a math formula for how bassets can increase their weight when they don't want to move. I had to wrestle her off the bed.

Camera charger coming this weekend-will get back to sharing photos!