Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Salvador Dali Basset

I walked in the living room and found her laid out in her chair like this. Never a dull moment. This is her Dali muse pose.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wet Dog

We had a warm spell this week and I decided to put in HoneyBelle in the bathtub for a mid-winter bath. I doubt I will ever do that again. I have not bathed her in the tub since she had another growth spurt. It was like putting a bear cub wrapped in a loose velour blanket in water. I had to keep my legs either wrapped around her or stretched across the edge to keep her from jumping. She has an impressive neck roll-like an elizabethan collar-and trying to get all the exess skin folds, rolls and thick coat wet, lathered, and rinsed was almost more than I can handle. Honestly, it is easier to wash a horse than a fat-wet-pissed-off basset. I wish there was a second person there at the house to 1) take pictures of the two fat women wrestling and 2) HELP.

I get her rinsed and outside she is gorgeous, a big orange rolling log charging around the yard. I tell her to step up on the bench for her brushing. The amount of hair that comes off her is amazing. I pull out 7 orange sherbert colored brushfulls and put the hair in the garden, hoping the wrens will use the down for their nests. Next time I will spend the $30 to send her to the groomer. She looks like spun honey gold in the sun.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Me Love You Long Time!

Be still my heart-my boy has arrived!! Will he notice me?

Can he see me?

Put the phone down and pay attention to me. You don't need to talk to her.

I think I will check him for fleas. I love my boy.

Note from mama: She cries and warbles like a preteen girl when he shows up. It is comical. I had to hold Ruby so she would not get crushed in the melee.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Basset Obedience (oxymoron?)

I just signed HoneyBelle and I up for an Obedience class in Houston @ She is now 50+ pounds and needs direction-other than the counter. I would have done this long before now but my life of migraines has almost debilitated me. I started a new (very expensive) drug that is giving me a reprieve so I am trying to play catch up with my life. This facility trains for AKC points and is professionally ran, offering instruction and trials in tracking to conformation. This will be an exciting year for HoneyBelle!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Her Favorite Toy

Just like a child, you buy them gifts and they go play with the box. I finally had to break down and start buying the awful Scott tissue. I wonder if she can tell? I am pretty good about keeping the bathroom doors shut, but I do slip up and she scores the tp roll. I pray everyone out in internet land had a safe and happy holiday season. I left the girls in the capable hands of a pet sitter and I went to northern Kansas to visit family. Sweet Jesus, we hit -3 degrees. It was painful to even breathe air that cold. But it was wonderful to sled with the grandkids, and see the land asleep under blankets of snow. Lets have a good 2010.