Friday, February 19, 2010

Gifted Class

Who would have thought-not only is my baby beautiful, she is smart! She started Beginning Obedience 2 weeks ago and each class has been amazing. She sits. She stays. She heels (for the most part). I get so excited I start squealing and giving her kisses. Now I know that is not part of the curriculum, but nobody has told me to stop. In fact, the Australian Shepherd next to us keeps trying to get me to play with him. "Look at the Crazy Dog Lady, Dad-she is giving out squeals and kisses!" I told my sister I have crossed over to The Dog Lady side. I gained weight, wear more comfortable clothes and shoes, and there is dog hair always wafting off of me. And I got rid of a no-good-man. Life is so much better!

Wednesday night was the Houston Basset Hound Club meeting. We made a 4 month calendar of basset events and listed upcoming events to attend. In 2 weeks we are doing a "puppy class" for our youngsters. We will set up a ring with a ramped judging box and simulate the judging ring. Work on having strangers handle our hounds and work on ground manners. I will have some good pictures to share. This will be a lot of fun! We are also going to ask a trainer to give us a tracking demo for our hounds. That is my goal this year, to keep HoneyBelle in school and see if she can earn some titles. I am so proud of her, can you tell?


  1. Way to go HoneyBelle!!!

    Meowm has always wanted a Basset to win Westminster.

  2. HoneyBelle, it is always good to lure your humans into a false sense of security. We know that once she thinks you are trained she will let you off leash in the woods and you will have the best fun ever.......
    In the meantime it would do you no harm to have some certificates to put on the wall!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx