Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Sonic

For 20 years I have been walking down to the Sonic for an evening out, a stroll with my dogs, a nice way to intake a little hot fudge sunday and walk the calories off (I tell myself that). So HoneyBelle and I saddled up last night and walked down. Bless my fat baby's heart, she lathers at the mouth so bad she could pass as an extra on Old Yeller. I have to bring a bottle of water and wrag to keep watering and wiping her down. She loves to meet-n-greet through our little old fashioned town, and gets plain giddy if a child is outside. The teenage girls on skates love to come out and shower her with hugs and kisses. She is just that squishy. Then I saw the small note taped to the Sonic kiosk. Sonic closing September 1st. What?! It seems that the new Sonic built over by the new mall is taking the place of our drive-in hang out. There is no way to walk to the new one—at the risk of getting ran over by speeding vehicles. The Dairy Queen shut down as well. So much for the revitalization plans for our historic town.


  1. Oh no Im sooo sorry to hear that!!! I hate when things like that happen. A lot of places in my neighborhood have closed down over the last few years (and it isn't that great of a neighborhood).

  2. Well try and think positively - how many calories will it save?
    Seriously though it is bad when everything local closes down.
    Smoochies to HoneyBelle. xxxx

  3. Bummer!!!! Guess you will just have to find a new place to walk too....although probably won't be any goodies there.