Friday, August 28, 2009

Mind Control (or loosing it...)

Press Agent/momma: I was doing the late night shopping for the house supplies. As I stood in front of the wall of toilet paper selection I actually had this thought pop into my head "hmmmm, I wonder which paper HoneyBelle would prefer." Gasp! I am too young to be going crazy. I have no excuse.

HoneyBelle: Does the term "basset slave" ring home now? bbwwahhhaaahhhaaa!


  1. LOL makes total sense to me. Aren't we supposed to totally cater to our babies??? Didn't you get the memo?? LOL

  2. Honey Belle probably has no preference however believe it or not I avoid coloured and scented!!!
    And you think you're a basset slave!!!
    Have a good weekend - I am just back having been hauled by two crazy bassets through the woods after a deer!
    Still I managed to hang on........

  3. Oh Martha Basset! Cannot imagine what your arms feel like! I almost took all 3 out for a night time walk last night but decided I did not have the energy for the ensuing battle. And you are right, no scent or color is a must for the toilet paper. And something palatable...