Friday, May 7, 2010

Bassett Intelligence

This is a comment that frequently pops up on The Drool. Some trainer in The Dog World makes a comment about bassets being dumb. Well. HoneyBelle isn't, that is for sure. This morning as I was leaving for work I get a phone call from the woman that owns the fitness gym behind me. HoneyBelle is in the air conditioned gym with the morning workout group. God only knows where the other two knot heads are. I run inside, grab three leads and run out the back gate. I can hear the cacaphony a block over and discover KORGEE and Ruby running a neighbors fence line-taunting the still secured pets. I snatch those two and head over towards the gym where HoneyBelle is relaxing in air conditioning. I thank the owner, put renegade 3 on a lead and we walk back to the house. By this time I have completely sweat through my work clothes and ran a blister on the right foot from running in sandals. Sure enough-I found the compromised hole and fix it. Thank God it is Friday.


  1. Oh my... Heeheehee. Yeah, critters are smarter than lots of folks give them credit for!

    And, um, I hate to be the one to break it to you... But it's actually Thursday. Sorry, darlin'. :-)

  2. Honeybelle, that is very creative. We sneak out every know and then but the outside cats catch our attention so we don't go far. The Hounddogs