Monday, May 24, 2010

The Guest House, Play House, Cabana...

These are a few of the monikers my camper is being called. My neighbors across the street use less than friendly terms. So I moved it from the driveway to the back yard and leveled it on blocks and have started landscaping around it. It is a cool vintage silver 1970 slide in camper made by the Avion family (that needs the interior restored). I locked the dogs up in the kennel while I was trying (not) to kill myself getting it off the truck and leveled. As soon as I finished I turned the dogs out. HoneyBelle being the "Oh is it for ME?" personality ran to it immediately. I had the door opened for her and she climbs in and gives it a 10 point inspection. She checks out closets and climbs up on the table/seats. She approves.

I wonder if I can find a pair of mama's eye glasses in here...

Maybe she has some eye glasses up here...

Whew, that wore me out. I better take a nap.

Lukie the corgi says "Hey-let's GO GO GO!"

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  1. Oh very nice LOL, Love how what a good job they do inspecting it :)