Monday, September 27, 2010

Reliant Energy Dog Show part II

Okay, press agent fell out for a while. Here are a few photos of the very long weekend. HoneyBelle did a combo of representing both Basset Buddie Rescues and Greater Houston Basset Club. It kind of went like this:

HoneyBelle: Something is up, I am trussed up like a holiday ham with a cupcake confection wrapped around my neck.

Mother/press agent: You have the size and coloring of a large ham.

HoneyBelle: You will pay for this infraction...

HoneyBelle: I am positive I did not sign up for this. Is this hay on my tongue?

Mother/press agent: Well you are the size of a cow. Hurry up, we have to get over to Meet the Breed so you can show everyone what a gorgeous example of bassetitude you are. Here, change your outfit again.

HoneyBelle: Can we take her home?

Mother/press agent: No way in hell.

Mother/press agent: Look HoneyBelle-it is Tiny The Show Basset! And why won't you get on the floor with the other dogs?

HoneyBelle: You can't be serious. I am NOT a dog. Or is it DAWG today. hehe.

HoneyBelle: I cannot feel my legs anymore. And where is my couch. Whose idea was it to install large chunks of shredded grass to get comfortable on?

Mother/press agent: You have legs? Sorry, I could not resist. I will take it up with the committee
on your behalf. Next year I will be sure to have your loveseat dollied in.

Mother/press agent: aawwwww. My baby is plumb wore out. It has been a full day of petting. Lets get you on your loveseat. She did so well in such a large event with people/kids everywhere.

Nite Nite HoneyBelle. We love you!

HoneyBelle: I know where she put 3 new skeins of yarn for her project...


  1. So Sweet. Thats what I love about most bassets is their calm nature - unlike the hyper bloodhound! Glad yall had fun!

  2. Hahahahaha! I can so imagine the conversation as well as the looks! You did a good job HoneyBelle despite the rough (pun intended) conditions!

  3. What an adorable talking basset you have! I loved reading the conversation between the two of you! I am crazy about basset hounds and long ears which is why I compromised and adopted a treeing walker coonhound, Daisy, but I hope to have a basset in my life soon!
    I found out about you via Hound Girl and I am now your newest follower!

  4. Ohhh such a good girly!! If I hadn't moved back to Norway in May I so would have been there :) good girl :)

  5. So cute, looks like HoneyBelle had a good time at Reliant. I think we know Tiny, it's my basset Abby's nephew. I haven't seen him in about a year so I'm not 100% sure that was him but he does show and is a black tri. Either way love the post!