Friday, October 8, 2010

Sally Sleeping Beauty Contest

We missed it. Yes, I was wasting my time working at my paying job that keeps our lights on and dog food flowing. So HoneyBelle voted for Fred the Bloodhound in Austin, TX.

I wanted to share her Dali muse pose. Martha and Bailey affectionately called her "rubenesque." Hope I spelled that right. We are rooting for you Fred! Go Go Go!


  1. BOL that is hilarious - I cant believe she sleeps that way even reclining - too funny! I just love it! Hounds are so funny. We love HoneyBelle and so glad we found you - Thank you for the vote :)

  2. Meowm used to have a basset that slept very similar to this. She gave a big ole sigh when she saw this picture.