Thursday, January 21, 2010

Me Love You Long Time!

Be still my heart-my boy has arrived!! Will he notice me?

Can he see me?

Put the phone down and pay attention to me. You don't need to talk to her.

I think I will check him for fleas. I love my boy.

Note from mama: She cries and warbles like a preteen girl when he shows up. It is comical. I had to hold Ruby so she would not get crushed in the melee.


  1. We are with Honey Belle - her boy is rather dishy!
    Will you share Honey Belle?
    Is there room on the boy's lap for another two adorable bassets?
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Awwww, too funny! Although I am the favored person in our house! My husband always asks why they dont make a big fuss for him when he walks through the door, (shhhhh, but if he carried treats in his pockets like I do in my person I bet he would get more of a response, lol!)

  3. There is nothing like the love a bassett has for her boy!