Thursday, April 22, 2010

HoneyBelle Hit List

Add a baby opossum to her growing kill list. I had no idea-I literally almost stepped on it. I noticed her guarding an area in the yard and I walked over to investigate. Was not prepared for the latest "find." Probably a good thing she chewed the camera charger, these posts are getting morbid. I cannot wait to get her started in a tracking program, I think she will kick ass.

HoneyBelle - I like my outdoor stuffees!


  1. howdy!
    just stopped by to tell u the painting actually did become a story. thought you'd enjoy!
    check out my post entitled "catching up" april 26th.

  2. That HoneyBelle is definately a tracker. I have 2 bassets that have a liking for snakes and toads. They don't harm them they just want to bring them in the house. The toads don't bother me but a snake in my bed just might freak me out. And I also know about camera chargers get chewed as well. Sherri

  3. Oh my gracious, what a great hunter! HoneyDew and Sampson are verrrrryyyyy impressed!