Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coveting Skeins

It happened. She pulled the big bag of yarn off the work table and had a blistering hayday with it. Silly me, I thought putting it up on the table was putting it out of reach. Well, just like a toddler, she is now climbing. She must have been watching me and thought "hmmm, that looks mighty interesting—it is bulging with something..." Honestly, when I came home and saw the studio and the yarn explosion, I went right to the kitchen and made myself a cocktail. Trails of yarn went out the doggie door and into the back yard. And for extra measure, an 18" patch of vinyl flooring was removed. Now, my floors do need to be replaced, but I am thinking "how did she do that?" I took pictures of the carnage but really, I can't bear to see it again. I did find an intact skein of wool in the backyard with minor dirt and a large trademark basset drool left on it. I did learn this, she is not fond of wool. Her favorite skeins are the mohair/silk. Found that still in her jowls.


  1. Oh dear, well we guess pups will be pups!!! Thank goodness you had the sense to get yourself a cocktail!
    We hope you quickly followed the first cocktail with a second to ensure you were feeling mellow!
    Ah well, one day you will look back and laugh.......
    Ok - so not right now!

  2. You know, I am so happy to see her when I get home, I just steel myself to whatever I may find. I know one day she will grow out of this, so I just clean it up and go on! She is too precious for words!