Friday, August 21, 2009

Velvet Whiskers

I had minor leg surgery yesterday and cannot shower for 24 hours. So this morning before work I took a bath, keeping my leg out of the water. I was laying flat in the tub, eyes shut, letting my hair soak when I felt a velvet tickle on my nose. I opened my eyes to HoneyBelle's face directly above mine, snuffling me. Instantly, a pink tongue jetted out and squeegied my forehead and eye. Anyone who has been owned by a basset is familiar with how their flesh slides around their head. To be underneath and looking up into this is quite commical, because their face turns into nothing but rolls of flesh. I read that the folds of skin and long ears trap and force the scent molecules towards the nose, making them extraordinary scent hounds. And babysitters. All the children I have raised have loved to spend hours playing with basset ears, noses, lips, big moon pie feet, and velvet rolls of skin. What a wonderful breed to be in love with.

Grandaughter and big girl KayDee Belle in 2001. She learned to walk by holding onto her basset and toddling beside her.

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  1. We hope you leg is better today and you have a great weekend. We actually have sunshine this morning!!
    Just loved the baby and pict of KayDee Belle - not sure how Bailey or Martha would respond to babies. Bailey loves chilcren and Martha is scared - well there isn't much she is not scared of!
    You just have to get yourself a new camera and take it into the bath with you ........