Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kodak Moments

—have came to a halt! The camera died. I am sorry, due to the budget constraints of bills, a new camera is not at the top of the list. Oh, the past couple of days have been ripe material for our beloved HoneyBelle. Read below:

1. I caught her playing with something in her mouth, it was her molar! So I bagged her baby tooth for the basset tooth fairy. She is getting big girl teeth.

2. I made a large batch of chocolate/chocolate iced cupcakes. Placed on decorative tray in middle of kitchen table. Was gone 20 minutes, came back to vestiges of chocolate icing on floor in 3 rooms. It must have been a feeding frenzy. She has figured out to pull the tablecloth with her teeth and all the good stuff comes down to her. I watched her all night to make sure she did not get sick from copious amounts of chocolate. If anything, she acted like a hyperactive child that had just ate 2 pounds of JellyBellies.

3. No foster at the house yet. We tried, and sadly, she did not get along with the fat spoiled baby. Michelle, you are great! We will try again.

4. My sister's metro-sexual miniature poodle has the serious hots for the curves of HoneyBelle. He gets neutered this week. That'll teach him.

Many great photo ops we missed out on. I will try to replace the camera ASAP, until then I will continue to relay her adventures via story line. Thank you for reading!


  1. We are sorry to hear about your camera but could imagine the scenes!!
    We especially liked the chocolate cup cakes but were glad HoneyBelle was not sick.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Bummer! Meowm knows just how it feels to be without a camera, as hers was stolen in April and only recently replaced. We were thrilled to not have the flashy thing in our faces....but we are coping.

    We are glad Miss Chocolate Vacuum didn't get sick from her eating frenzy!

    And we are sorry the foster didn't work out.