Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paper Products

HoneyBelle: I love them! I score big when I see the bathroom door is left cracked open. I do my black panther stealth moves and climb the toilet to heist rolls out of the basket. Sometimes I play outside with them, if it is too hot outside then I play in the living room.

Press Agent: Black panther stealth move, huh. I have a clear image of her crying in the bathroom stuck upright between the toilet and sink cabinet, standing on her two back feet. My little warrior princess.


  1. OMD can she be any cuter. I saw your link over at Martha & Bailey's blog and had to check her out. My ex-husband has our basset Fred. You'd be amazed what he could get into, sooo smart. Must say I do miss having a basset. Had to just say hi. (Im in Houston, TX :) )

  2. We just love HoneyBelle's antics, recalling HoneyDew's babydays as well (only she didn't climb!).

    P.S. for Anne Kathrine: you should go and get another one! I am sure Fred wouldn't mind when he comes to visit!

  3. Honey Belle is having such fun exploring! That is a sweet picture - the basset look of pure innocence!!!
    We know that look so very well in this house!
    Harry, who sadly crossed the bridge last year at twelve, was a monster with toilet roll and especially the roll inside!
    He never outgrew that!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxxx